The Lagos Comic Con provides a host of opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services to tens of thousands of our guests, attendees and viewers who watch online. These opportunities are listed and explained below.

ROLL-UP BANNER SPACE (Stage) #50,000

With over 100,000 people watching our live-streaming from all over the world, your banner on our stage will definitely give your brand the visibility among our audience. CLICK HERE TO BOOK


We will create space where a limited number of exhibitors can sell and engage with the number of people who will attend live. This market will have a controlled crowd to allow for social distancing, however, rich networking, interaction and sales will be promoted. Every top of the hour, the live-stream cameras will show the viewing audience what brands are present at the exhibition corner and sellers can shout out a message at the viewers. CLICK HERE TO BOOK


You might have a message for the audience like a product, service or new development you want to tell the world about. On our stage with the world watching live, you can have our stage for 10 minutes. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

ROLL-UP BANNER SPACE (Non-Stage) #10,000

Other spaces aside from on our stage to place your roll-up banners are available. You can get massive visibility too from the guests present and all viewing online. CLICK HERE TO BOOK


There will be slots to stream your advert videos throughout the event and everyone watching online can see it. You can either send a 3 minutes video and it streams once or a 1  minute video that streams 3 times in the duration of the event. CLICK HERE TO BOOK