Lagos Comic Convention is Africa’s Largest Geek and Pop Culture Marketplace

Launched in 2012 with just about 300 guests, the Lagos edition of the international phenomenon, Comic Con has become West Africa’s #1 destination for comic book geeks, book readers, avid music listeners, movie lovers, gaming fans, art lovers. Gathering over 4000 fans of every area of the creative industry to meet experts of the crafts they love. The Lagos Comic Convention features the core areas of the broader creative industry like comics, books, gaming, film, animation and even VR.

By its exhibitions, panel sessions, master classes, competitions, pitch sessions, awards and other activities, the event provides a viable platform for showcasing/selling the best contents from African creators, celebrating creators, grooming the future creators, educating players in the industry and, networking among creators/between creators and fans/between creative enterprises and potential investors.

It has also become the #1 platform used for people in the creative industry to connect with their audiences and sell their products.

Since its inception, the objective has been to create platforms of businesses for practitioners in the Creative Industry  (comics, animation, gaming, books, film and virtual  reality), celebrate successes  of the industry, shape conversations in the industry, encourage broader participation  and support the building of knowledge and  capacity necessary to strengthen the  sector and ultimately create jobs.



DATE: 20 – 21, NOVEMBER 2020



In a world now ravaged by the new Covid19 pandemic, geeks, creative artists and businesses based upon creativity are among the entities worst hit by the health and economic ripple effect. As the creative industries rue the effects of the pandemic on personal and business lives, keen observers are beginning to spot silver linings in the form of emerging markets, consumer behavior trends, production strategies and industry interaction mechanisms that if allowed to blossom will mean a more robust creative industry with cost effective ways of creating contents and a larger horizon of willing consumers with growing purchasing power and all these with better ease of reach. Lagos Comic Convention which over the nine years of establishment has become the anchor body for the African Creative Industry, dedicates this year’s convention to guide creators and creative entrepreneurs in navigating these new opportunities, help geeks and fans keep in touch with creative contents while not missing anything from the usual fun and energy level which Lagos Comic Con has been popular for in the past nine years.

The 2020 edition of the Lagos Comic Convention will be a hybrid event with a limited number of guests in attendance at the venue while over 100,000 fans can watch live on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook live-stream. Admission into the event venue will only be granted to guests with face masks.

There will be over 12 distinct panel sessions facilitated by top professionals in the creative industries from Nigeria and other parts of the world. These panel sessions will adequately address the theme and purpose of the convention that after the event, participants will feel more enthusiastic and optimistic about their place in the post Covid19 world of creative business.

Creator and creative businesses will have a chance to display their products and services at the exhibition section which will have a controlled crowd for the sake of social distancing. They can also showcase their products and services in content showcase videos which will be part of the live-stream.

Fans and professionals who attend will get a chance to network with the speakers and special guests, watch up close and personal as the panel sessions happen and take part in games and competitions like console gaming competitions and costume competitions. Preliminary sessions of these competitions will take place online but semi-finalist will be at the venue to compete.