We are sorry to announce that this year's Lagos Comic Con has been cancelled. Read full press release below.


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Lagos Comic Convention is Africa’s Largest Geek and Pop Culture Marketplace Launched in 2012 with just about 300 guests, the Lagos edition of the international phenomenon, Comic Con has become West Africa’s #1 destination for...


Dear Partners,

It is with deep regret we announce to you that we have decided to cancel the Lagos Comic Convention event slated for 20-21 November 2020.
In such a distressful year like this, we had thought that having Lagos Comic Con against all odds would send the message of resilience and hope in the African creative space and also help professionals navigate the post Covid era and hence spur growth that would trigger a quick recovery from the set backs of the pandemic.
Having this in mind, we put in the most of our efforts to make this a reality. However, our country Nigeria is at a delicate place. When the youths of Nigeria (who are our major constituents) spoke out and marched the streets to demand an end to police brutality, we spoke up in solidarity. Today, we are mourning young Nigerians cut down at their primes and the way we know to stand in solidarity is to keep from pushing a con which is by nature a merry event.
We would hate to be insensitive to the mood of the nation and the feelings of the same young Nigerians who would be our guests at Lagos Comic Con by going ahead with publicity and planning for the event.
Since the protests began, we have been in consultations with partners, collaborators and experts to decide what would be a most suitable action and cancelling the event entirely was the unanimous advice.
Let it be known in posterity that the Lagos Comic Con has consistently held every year except the year Nigerian youths were murdered while demanding a better country.
We have made peace with that legacy and we plead for you all do same with us.
We sincerely apologize to everyone for any inconvenience this decision may have caused.
This include our speakers, partners, guests, sponsors, etc.
We thank everyone who has supported us so far and we pray that 2021 will be a better year for our World

Stay safe, chin up and be the light.

Ray Anyasi,
Chief Event Coordinator, on behalf of the LCC Board.